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Specialised online booking engines satisfying today’s travelers complex needs. Compete more aggressively for DIRECT bookings. Grow independence from OTAs and agent networks. Increase margins and profitability.

Live websites with EasyOTA driving bookings can be seen below

“EasyOTA is here to offer free advice to any Hotel • Activity / Experience provider • Car Hire • Transfer • Small Airline throughout East and Southern Africa that recognises changes will happen when destination travel resumes.” (Marc Dhalluin, Partner EasyOTA)

Direct Bookings on Your Website

To be competitive requires booking technology with high conversion rates to ensure fewer lost bookings. Consider a solution that is feature rich enabling you to present a good VALUE PROPOSITION.

Beat any OTA offer with value. Ask us how.

Direct Booking

Consumers will buy direct when they trust, when they see value and not only rate, when you confirm it now, and when making their lives easier.

Direct Business

The future is about more direct business, and your ability to offer VALUE, not only the lowest price.

Add Value

Upsell with dynamic packaging additional services, including those of your preferred business partners and suppliers.

Revenues Grow

Watch as your revenues grow, new customer segments open and your costs per booking decrease.

Multiple Currencies

Our booking engines support various currencies so that user and owner can easily get payments in their currencies without any hassle.

Booking Engine

Ask us about our optimised eCommerce booking engine designed specifically for East African travel and tourism businesses.

We Provide responsive, direct booking solutions. Check them out.


For hotels from 10 – 150 keys, with multiple room types and configurations. Your own website can now compete effectively against the OTAs where prices are forced down.

Features include : Dynamic pricing and packaging options, seasonal and last minute deals, sales of ‘extras’ to increase the value of  each booking.

Add convenience with 3rd party related products and services such as Transfers, Car Hire, Activities and even Flights.

Competing is easy when you know that VALUE beats RATE everytime.

City Car VS Safari 4×4 Rental Solution

Renting out a vehicle for city use is easy, renting for safari has additional complexities such as insurances, rates and deposits.

EasyOTA provides a simple, easy to use system that enables users to book the right kind of vehicle for the purpose it is intended for.

The solution gives the business options as to what kind of vehicles, their pricing plus additional compulsory charges as relevant are displayed depending on whether customers need the vehicle for city or out of town use.

Car Hire / Transfers

Consumers love booking car hire online, with instant confirmations, paying a deposit or in full.

Be independent of the OTA fees, grow transaction values with additional service ‘extras’ that will be appreciated by customers, and increase your profits.

Add other services customers often ask about, such as tours, excursions, transfers, accommodation and flights with dynamic pricing and packaging.

Small Airlines

For smaller or private airlines servicing safari circuits, islands and connecting travellers to hubs connecting to remote destinations.

A booking engine with high conversion ratios, plus itinerary building capability.

Offer your flight customers the other services you know they’ll need, such as transfers car hire, accommodation at their destination and even some of the best activities.

Grow margin by adding flight extras such as excess baggage, travel insurance, lounge access and inter terminal transfers.

Activities & Experiences

For Activity & Experience providers. Power up your online bookings via your own website for clients and your agents.

Manage all bookings and your complete inventory in one place, 24/7 from anywhere.

Instant notifications, and receive your money immediately against live, up to date availability.

Add more value and grow profit on each booking by adding Transfers, Hotels, even Car Hire and local Flights that your customers may require.

Set up all your agents according to their individual terms of business.

Enable your agents to check availability and book 24/7.

Generate debtor reports, statements and invoices at any time.

Come onboard, your next generation tech is here now. Compete with this unfair advantage. Value beats rate, anyday.