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A powerful booking engine uniquely designed for African activities and experiences. If your goal is to grow revenue, increase your online presence or make your activity bookable as part of an itinerary you have come to the right place.


The Booking Engine

The EasyOTA booking engine ensures the customers booking and paying process is easy and trusted. 

The global trend: buyers are looking to visit as few websites as possible to build their journeys. EasyOTA enables you to benefit from this trend. 

Let your website work harder by selling more. Select from airlines, hotels, car hire, transfers, and experiences in your market. 

EasyOTA does the rest, while you earn commissions

Built seamlessly into your website

Booking flow effortlessly enables your customers to purchase multiple products and services in the travel and tourism chain

In a single transaction with instant confirmation, payment and settlement


What are the benefits of using EasyOTA?

EasyOTA has been designed for inventory owners and sellers in travel and tourism particularly in developing markets due to its itinerary building capability, instant confirmations and immediate settlement of monies to all parties. 

Any of these businesses wishing to lower their distribution costs, take more control of their customers’ journey, up-sell related 3rd party inventory to their customers thereby earning additional revenues will benefit from EasyOTA. 

Increase direct bookings on your website

Shrink commissions payable to third parties

Up and cross-sell flights, accommodation, car hire and transfers

Grow a loyal and trusted following

Save time, money and resources


Let’s get technical

Where does EasyOTA fit in my current booking software?

For starters, we need to be absolutely clear, you have FULL control over your rates and inventory. Who retrieves your rates and inventory is also fully up to you. 

EasyOTA has no integrations setup as such, we host your inventory ourselves, enabling you as the inventory owner to use our system for complete reservations management, for both online or offline bookings. Our system is called Receptionbook. 

This backend system can accommodate complex rules, including minimum guest requirements, transport add-ons, seating loads etc.  


How do payments work?

Online, or internet-based payments are managed by specialist companies usually known as payment providers or payment gateways. 

All eCommerce websites are linked to a payment provider. When a buyer is ready to pay, the payment provider asks for various details such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex / mobile money / PayPal, proceeds to ensure that the details are correct and that the funds are available to meet the purchase amount. (This amount may only be a deposit; it does not have to be the full amount). 

Payment providers also do some fraud checking. Once the payment is cleared, monies are distributed. 

Customer submits payment, Direct Pay Online instantly processes and verifies, and all parties to the transaction are settled immediately by Direct Pay’s X-Pay network. 

Payments are made in real time once the customer payment is confirmed by the payment processing company. The inventory owner, any third-party additions to the clients itinerary and EasyOTA each receives their payment instantly, including any commission splits agreed to. 


Which market segments can I reach?

When travel businesses use EasyOTA to drive their online bookings, they are enabling both of their key customer segments, the B2C and B2B customers to book directly with instant confirmations, 24/7. 

Business to Consumer


Your website = your marketplace 

Your website must instill TRUST in your business. A complex recipe. Use the Booking Engine your website deserves.  Trust = of the way your website looks, feels, and the experience of the user on the website. From arrival, search to successful payment.

Your website has 3 sources of customers:

1. Your own marketing, SEO + Referred:  Visitation due to your activity in the marketplace, your website’s SEO, search engine rankings, and live links on other sites. 

2. Direct to site traffic using your name:  Use of your business name or URL – known to them. Excellent prospects. 

3. Online travel agents: The big OTAs  Known as ‘the billboard effect’, these visitors are using the mega-sites such as, Expedia and do research. 

Business to Business


The travelers and the trade, be they DMCs, Tour Operators, Agents, and whether they are locally or internationally based, can use the system to make their bookings. 

For example, A hotel using EasyOTA enables its products and services to be booked by guests as well as Agents. Guests book at the retail rate, whilst Agents book at their preferred or agreed rate. 

Your trade customers are set up by EasyOTA on the system. Each has a password-protected login to the system. When they log in, search, and book, they are doing so according to the rules of business you have established and agreed with each one.

Key features of the agent system:

  1. Totally confidential and secure
  2. Make provisional, block or confirmed bookings 24/7
  3. Instant confirmations and receipt of email/s with vouchers and tickets for all services booked
  4. Generate sales and debtors’ reports
  5. Ability to enter bookings manually

What happens when a booking is made by an agent?

Once an Agent completes a booking, via email instant confirmation/s and vouchers/tickets are sent to the agent by the system automatically. 

Each of the businesses with whom the agent made a booking is notified instantly via email. 

The agent will deal with each of the service providers independently for any changes needing to be made. 

Business to Business to Consumer


An Agent who is an EasyOTA customer is enabling its customers, who could be both other members of the trade and/or members of the public, to book with instant confirmation the products and services that the principal-agent has agreements with. Save time, save money, reduced frustrations, and mistakes. 

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