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EasyOTA for Travel Businesses

When travel businesses use EasyOTA to drive their online bookings, they are enabling both of their key customer segments, Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) customers to book directly with instant confirmations, 24/7. 

As the travelers and the trade, (DMCs, Tour Operators, Agents) and whether you/they are locally or internationally based, can use the EasyOTA system to make bookings. For example: a hotel using EasyOTA enables its products and services to be booked by guests as well as key trade partners; guests book at the retail or rack rate, whilst the trade book at their preferred or agreed rate. 

A travel company who is an EasyOTA customer is enabling its customers, who could be both other members of the trade and / or members of the public, to book with instant confirmation the products and services that the principal agent has agreements with. Save time, save money, reduce frustrations and mistakes.  

As an online or offline agent, you will be given a password protected login to the EasyOTA system. When you log in, search and book, you will do so according to the rules of business you have established and agreed with each lodge, experience, transfer, airline or car hire company. 

Once an Agent completes a booking, via email instant confirmation/s and vouchers / tickets are sent to the agent by the system automatically. Each of the businesses with whom the agent made a booking is notified instantly via email. The agent will deal with each of the service providers independently for any changes needing to be made.  

Using EasyOTA is totally confidential and secure; here are some of the key features:

Make provisional, block or confirmed bookings 24/7

Instant confirmations and receipt of email/s with vouchers and tickets for all services booked

Generate sales and debtors reports

Ability to enter bookings manually

Full change management features


DMC’s | Wholesalers | Tour Operators

Secure login access provided to your key suppliers' rates and inventory in real time at your agreed STO/BAR contract commission level

24/7 access to live inventory for quoting, planning and booking

100% confidentiality and security around customers and rates

A single access point to multiple suppliers' rates and inventory

Automatic voucher issuing functionality and confirmations sent to clients

Ability to send branded emails and vouchers to clients which improves professionalism and customer service


Online Travel Agents

Every user of EasyOTA essentially becomes their own micro-OTA, thereby creating a powerful ecosystem housed in a company’s individual website. The billboard effect at play here is apparent. 

EasyOTA is the ultimate Destination Website tool for guests and the trade. All product is listed and bookable on one website.  

Automatic voucher issuing and confirmations are possible with branded emails and payments to the client made easy.  

The beauty of EasyOTA is that instant payments are made to all parties involved in the transaction, including the splitting and payment of commissions.  

EasyOTA technology is currently used by Africa’s Eden and Tripindigo.


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