Free Consultation on any of the services we offer. Our earnings are commission based – you grow and we earn a fraction. As you win, so do we. All of the services we offer are related to growing the direct bookings for your business.

Grow your direct bookings

EasyOTA enables hotels, airlines, transfer, car hire and experience / activity provider businesses grow bookings and reduce costs: booking engines for the East African market; eCommerce optimised websites; upselling your website visitors related 3rd party products and services with EasyOTA MarketPlace.

How savings work

For every $15000 worth of bookings not coming through your website, you pay between $2250 and $3750 in commissions.

That is between $750 and $2200 too much. You will save this with EasyOTA's solutions.

  • How many website visitors do you get monthly to your website?
  • How many bookings do you already receive from these visitors?
  • Imagine what happens when you double this ratio?
EasyOTA charges on a commission model as opposed to a monthly fee / subscription, why?

EasyOTA’s product is designed to drive and increase direct, online bookings, not merely to facilitate them. We take responsibility for how well your website does. Companies charging a monthly subscription have no interest in your degree of success. As can be seen on our video , the presence of a booking engine does NOT = good, optimised, on-line bookings. Your website performance is dependent upon design (UD), the user’s experience (UX), the nature of the interface (UI) and very importantly the ability of the booking engine to convert through to check-out.

Who will benefit from using EasyOTA?

EasyOTA has been designed for inventory owners and sellers in travel and tourism particularly in developing markets due to its itinerary building capability, instant confirmations and immediate settlement of monies to all parties. Therefore Hotels, Airlines, Car Hire and Transfer operators, as well as Activity / Experience providers. Any of these businesses wishing to lower their distribution costs, take more control of their customers’ journey, up-sell related 3rd party inventory to their customers thereby earning additional revenues will benefit from EasyOTA.

Do I need special training to use EasyOTA?

No, not at all. It is seamless, works in the background while you focus on your core business. EasyOTA business owner interface is simple and intuitive.

Can I get advice from a specialist on my current website?

Yes. EasyWeb is a service that provides business owners with advice on how to ensure their websites are best set-up to maximise the revenue potential.

Why is e-commerce website optimisation important?

Think of it like this: would you buy from someone or a business you do not trust? What goes into building trust? Now think about this in the context of on-line commerce, where there is no human interaction to help build the trust, to explain things, answer questions, allay fears. Optimisation addresses a number of facets from the way a website looks, what and how information is presented, where each bit of information is presented, the process of searching the website, how the results are displayed, and importantly the processes the consumer is taken through until check-out.

What are my obligations?

Your only obligation is to be committed to driving bookings through your website, not exclusively, but as a channel for customers to use.

What is EasyBook?

EasyBook is a simple, responsive, intuitive and professional Booking Engine. It delivers efficient results and superior ‘search to book’ performance. This is the system through which customers search, book and pay for their products and services through your website. It includes the widgets, graphics on screen through to the ‘back end’ where the processing happens, confirmation emails are dispatched, and settlement of any monies. ‘Cart abandonment’ is the term used to describe the non-completion of a purchase, despite searching for and selecting a product to buy. The single biggest reason for cart abandonment is poor ‘check-out’ or ‘finalising the sale’ processes and procedures.

How do I get a new website?

Using the EasyWeb wizard, follow the guidelines and select the design best suited to your business.

How long does it take to be in a position to accept direct bookings?

Set-up can take as little as 1 day: it depends on how suitable your existing website is ‘the changes need’ or if you need a new website. EasyWeb provides website setup and publishing in a matter of hours and is often a better solution to working with a poor existing site. Deployment of EasyBook is a matter of hours.

How much does EasyOTA charge?

Depending on your type of business and volumes, we have a sliding scale with earnings caps. Our starting point is a fraction, usually 1/3 of agents commissions. Our rate scale reduces as turnover climbs, with a cap being put in place.

What if I have never had direct booking capability?

No problem. We will provide you either with an optimised website and booking engine, or assist you in optimising your existing website and give you our booking engine. EasyOTA will ensure that your product or service, its description, inventory types, pricing and availability to the buyer are all accessible in the right place, format and time.

Do I need to download any software?

No, there is no additional software required. EasyOTA is a turn-key solution.

What is an e-commerce optimised website?

E-commerce optimisation refers to the processes, design, usability, flow and presentation of relevant information that need to be considered to ensure consumers will receive all the right signals thus ensuring they move from begin ‘browsers’ to ‘buyers’ to ‘payers’.

Is this the same as Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures a website is discoverable on the internet through improved search rankings. It deals primarily with relevance and authority. E-commerce optimisation ensures that people who land on the website receive the right signals to become buyers.

How do I see what sales have been made on my website?

The EasyOTA administration system has a ‘one-click to access’ dashboard, providing you with the detail of all sales that have taken place on your website.

What is EasyWeb?

It is is EasyOTA’s web service product. EasyWeb provides e-commerce optimised and ready websites tailored for each business. This is easily done through an automated process for those businesses with poor or no website. Improvements to existing websites are provided in consultation.

Can I use my existing website?

Yes. Bear in mind that you want to eventually ensure that for best results it is technically optimised for Search, and optimised for e-commerce. We will provide you with the booking engine to include on at least the home page

What is the payment 'flow' or 'routing'?

Customer submits payment, Direct Pay Online instantly processes and verifies, and all parties to the transaction are settled immediately by Direct Pay’s X-Pay network.

How do commissions work?

EasyOTA shares 3rd party sales from your website with you 50:50.

How are payments made?

EasyOTA uses Direct Pay Online as its payment processor / provider. Their x-Pay network is used to effect settlements.

Do I have to be a Direct Pay Online (DPO) customer?

Preferably, yes. This ensures that your monies are received by you instantly. If not, EasyOTA will manage the settlement of monies due fortnightly.

What or who is Direct Pay Online (DPO)?

DPO is the fastest growing and regionally dominant payment providers with thousands of customers in East Africa alone. They carry the highest safety and security classification globally available. DPO customers can transfer funds between themselves instantly and at zero cost.

Who pays the payment processor fee on each transaction?

You do, the transaction is processed through your payment provider. We encourage our customers to use Direct Pay Online due to their immediate intra client money transfer capability whereby all parties to each transaction receive their portion in real time at no additional fee.

When are payments made?

Payments are made in real time once the customer payment is confirmed by the payment processing company. The inventory owner, you and EasyOTA each receives their due instantly.

How do I add my new widget to my existing website?

If you use an EasyWeb website, it’ll be added automatically. Otherwise, we will provide you with the necessary code for your web master to insert onto the relevant page/s.

How does this all work technically?

EasyOTA is a website plug-in, hosted on one of your website’s sub-domains. The customer lands on your website and from there until they check-out, they’re ‘on your site’. All search, select and book processes happen on your EasyOTA plug-in. For safety and security, the actual payment is made seamlessly on Direct Pay Online’s payment page.

Is my IT affected?

No, not at all.

Can I choose different widgets?

Yes, according to your preference and the design of your website.

Do I have to make changes to my IT system?

No, none.

What is EasyOTA Market Place?

It is the result of a number of allied, inter-dependent providers of products and services cross-selling and supporting one-anothers’ businesses where there are no competitve considerations. It exists due to the fact that buyers of a given product and service often need other complimentary products and services to build their itinerary.

Can I choose what 3rd parties I sell?

Yes, you choose the category (Hotels, Flights, Car Hire, Transfers, Experiences / Activities) as well as all or some of the providers within each category.

I have special agreements with suppliers I would like to sell. How do I apply the special rates?

Please speak to us. This is possible.

Who does the customer for other goods and services call?

Either EasyOTA or the owner of the service / product sold, need dependent.

How does EasyOTA Market Place work?

Many product / service owners within a closed business ecosystem share customers across non-competitive complimentary product categories. EasyOTA Market Place enables all these complimentary products and services to be accessed by willing cross-sellers, who see the ‘benefit’ to their own customers by providing an enhanced service, whilst at the same time ‘broadening’ the distribution of the allied products. In return, the owners see their distribution widen within the business ecosystem.

Can I choose who can sell me on their website?


If I up-sell hotels or any other of the services, who is responsible for the customer?

Other than the purchase of your own products / services, EasyOTA takes full responsibility for any pre- and post-sales customer management. In no way are you linked to the sale other than the fact that the service / product was accessed through your website. All vouchers issued, and all communication with buyers occurs under the EasyOTA and 3rd party service provider name.