What does it cost?

And how much work is involved?



No bookings, no pay

There are no fixed monthly fees whatsoever. Some have extraordinary requirements and we map these out upfront.

For Product Owners

Once-off set-up fee

All businesses are subject to a once-off set-up fee that is charged per service, starting at USD$150; the average set-up fee is $280 per business or product.

This fee gives you a white label, turnkey, ready-to-go booking platform where your customers can book your products and services, as well as those of your preferred third party suppliers, to build their itineraries. 

Commissions payable

No bookings, no payment. Our model works on a commission basis, where each channel attracts a different commission structure.

We will refund commissions earned on bona fide, uninsurable cancellations where the business owner’s refund policy will guide our own refund process. Credit bookings’ commissions will be collected at the end of the month in which the service to the guest was initiated. 

Depending on your type of business and volumes, we have a sliding scale with earnings caps. Our starting point is a fraction, usually 1/3 of agents’ commissions. Our rate scale reduces as turnover climbs, with a cap being implemented. 

For the Travel Trade

Platform cost

For Agents, Tour Operators, and DMCs: from $1760.00

  1. White label platform, turnkey
  2. Custom emails and vouchers
  3. DPO Integration
  4. 100 Hotels, 20 Activities, 100 point-to-point transfers, daily vehicle, and driver hire up to 25 vehicles and flights at EasyOTA rates
  5. 15 B2B agents 
  6. 3 User Licences



Online, or internet-based, payments are managed by specialist companies usually known as payment providers or payment gateways. 

All eCommerce websites are linked to a payment provider. When a buyer is ready to pay, the payment provider asks for various details such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex / mobile money / PayPal, and then proceeds to ensure that the details are correct and that the funds are available to meet the purchase amount (this amount may only be a deposit; it does not have to be the full amount). 

Payment providers also do fraud checking. Once the payment is cleared, funds are distributed. 

EasyOTA uses Direct Pay Online or Pesapal as its payment processor / provider. Importantly, Direct Pay Online has the added advantage of being able to settle multiple parties to a given transaction instantly, via their x-Pay network. You, as the product owner, are liable for the payment processor fee on each transaction. Payments are made in real time once the customer payment is confirmed by the payment processing company. The inventory owner, you and EasyOTA each receives their due instantly. 

DPO is the fastest growing and regionally dominant payment providers with thousands of customers in East Africa alone. They carry the highest safety and security classification available globally. DPO customers can transfer funds between themselves instantly and at zero cost. 

Adopting DPO is preferable as this ensures that your monies are received by you instantly. If not, EasyOTA will manage the settlement of monies due fortnightly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EasyOTA?

EasyOTA is a simple, responsive, intuitive and professional Online Booking Engine (OBE). It delivers efficient results and superior ‘search to book’ performance. It uniquely has the ability to build and book complete itineraries consisting of Accommodation, Flights, Transfers, Vehicle Rental, Experiences & Activities.

This is the system through which customers search, book and pay for their products and services through your website.

It includes the widgets, graphics on screen through to the ‘back end’ where the processing happens, confirmation emails are dispatched, and settlement of any monies. ‘Cart abandonment’ is the term used to describe the non-completion of a purchase, despite searching for and selecting a product to buy. The single biggest reason for cart abandonment is poor ‘check-out’ or ‘finalising the sale’ processes and procedures.

Who benefits from using EasyOTA?

EasyOTA has been designed for inventory owners and sellers in travel and tourism particularly in developing markets due to its itinerary building capability, instant confirmations and immediate settlement of monies to all parties.

Therefore Hotels, Airlines, Car Hire and Transfer operators, as well as Activity / Experience providers. This includes both B2C as well as B2B focused businesses.

Any of these businesses wishing to lower their distribution costs, take more control of their customers’ journey, up-sell related 3rd party inventory to their customers thereby earning additional revenues will benefit from EasyOTA

Can I use my current website?

Yes. Bear in mind that you want to eventually ensure that for best results it is technically optimised for Search, and optimised for e-commerce. We will provide you with the booking engine to include on at least the home page

How does this all work technically?

EasyOTA is a website plug-in, hosted on one of your website’s sub-domains.

The customer lands on your website and from there until they check-out, they’re ‘on your site’. All search, select and book processes happen on your EasyOTA plug-in. For safety and security, the actual payment is made seamlessly on Direct Pay Online’s payment page.

Where does EasyOTA get my rates and availability?

For Hotels, EasyOTA integrates directly with channel managers / reservation systems such as ResRequest, Nightsbridge, ResPad and Receptionbook.

For Airlines, EasyOTA integrates with AeroCRS, Videcom and Flightbook.

For any other category of service, EasyOTA has inventory management capability and will set your products and services up. For these service providers, as an added benefit, you will be able to utilise the EasyOTA system to manage all of your bookings, whether from online or offline sources.

How much does EasyOTA charge?

There are no fixed monthly fees whatsoever for almost all of our customers. (Some have extraordinary requirements and we map these out upfront).

All businesses are subject to a once-off setup fee that is charged per service, starting at USD$150.00. The average setup fee is $280.00 per business.

Depending on your type of business and volumes, we have a sliding scale with earnings caps. Our starting point is a fraction, usually 1/3 of agents commissions. Our rate scale reduces as turnover climbs, with a cap being put in place.

Can I add extras to my experience, such as transfers?

Yes, this is the beauty of EasyOTA. Internal or external companies can be contracted by you and made available to book in conjunction with their hotel stay, restaurant booking etc.

Why do I need to go online?

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Why is website e-commerce optimisation important?

Think of it like this: would you buy from someone or a business you do not trust? What goes into building trust? Now think about this in the context of on-line commerce, where there is no human interaction to help build the trust, to explain things, answer questions, allay fears.

Optimisation addresses a number of facets from the way a website looks, what and how information is presented, where each bit of information is presented, the process of searching the website, how the results are displayed, and importantly the processes the consumer is taken through until check-out.

Optimisation ultimately talks to TRUST. What trust signals do you give your customers?

What is a e-commerce optimised website?

E-commerce optimisation refers to the processes, design, usability, flow and presentation of relevant information that need to be considered to ensure consumers will receive all the right signals thus ensuring they move from begin ‘browsers’ to ‘buyers’ to ‘payers’.

Is e-commerce Safe?

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How does the EasyOTA network work?

Many product / service owners within a closed business ecosystem share customers across non-competitive complimentary product categories.

EasyOTA enables all these complimentary products and services to be accessed by willing cross-sellers, who see the ‘benefit’ to their own customers by providing an enhanced service, whilst at the same time ‘broadening’ the distribution of the allied products. In return, the owners see their distribution widen within the business ecosystem.

Who is responsible for the customer?

Other than the purchase of your own products / services, EasyOTA takes full responsibility for any pre- and post-sales customer management. In no way are you linked to the sale other than the fact that the service / product was accessed through your website. All vouchers issued, and all communication with buyers occurs under the EasyOTA and 3rd party service provider name.

Who chooses the third parties I sell?

Yes, you choose the category (Hotels, Flights, Car Hire, Transfers, Experiences / Activities) as well as all or some of the providers within each category.

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