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E-Commerce Enablement Easier Than You Think

Competing without is not an option. East African travel businesses need to offer their products and services in ways and through channels demanded by today’s consumers. These customers demand e-commerce capability from you if they are to purchase. It’s a trust and reputation issue.

EasyOTA Digital Fusion

Be present. Be found. Transact. Your website is not your on-line brochure. It is your living business to millions out there. See each visitor as a potential customer, and watch the revenues climb. We ensure your site is the best it can be and is found by people searching the web. We maximise your digital marketing effort, including paid for and earned exposure.

Marketing Consultation: Born from Practise

With over 40 years combined travel, leisure and hospitality marketing experience in competitive environments we advise on what your business needs to remain competitive. Don’t allow yourself to be left behind.

Optimising Your Customer Interactions: Using
What You Have

Redefine who your customers are; think of them as anyone who visits your website. Now let’s offer them what they need to build their journey. Your services / product PLUS related products and services.

Tripindigo is powered by EasyOTA: Specialist
OTA Demanded By Customers

Our specialised East African OTA, presenting products and services with the functionality to book complete itineraries off one site. Tripindigo addresses the unique needs of independent travel planning in East Africa.

Brand Portfolio Strategy and Structuring:
You Built Them, Use Them

Do you use all the brands and products in your portfolio to support each other? To work in synergy for each others’ benefit? We help you align and power up your brands for their mutual benefit. This is one of the most powerful yet neglected strategies for multi-property businesses.

We Love to help Travel Businesses Grow

We focus on what businesses currently have to drive increased revenues. And sharing the upside.

A Great Website

e-commerce optimised

Search Result

Good technology, user design and experience to maximise bookings


Giving today’s traveller what they want

Customer Checkout

Smooth, easy and secure check-out