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New Gen Online Booking Software

A dynamic, new generation online booking engine built on the unique needs of the African Safari and Adventure Industry.

EasyOTA for Product Owners

Drive direct bookings through your own website with its unique features. Position your business for a future where you pay fewer commissions and offer even more online.

EasyOTA for the Travel Trade

EasyOTA allows you to access your key suppliers’ inventory at your contracted rates in one place through a secure login. 


What is EasyOTA?

 Dynamic, new generation online booking software. Specifically designed around the unique needs of African lodges, hotels, experiences, transfers, car hire and small airlines as well as travel trade partners. This revolutionary technology enables management of inventory and bookings all in one place, 24/7.   

Now any travel business, trade, owners and suppliers can realise huge efficiencies and savings. Making it easier to achieve greater revenues and higher profit margins.

For B2C, B2B and B2B2C – EasyOTA is EASY to use, leaving both product owners and trade partners with more time to plan their next move, as well as to look after the customer.   

They said it can’t be done, join those who will show you it can be! 

Manage inventory and bookings for all channels

  • Manage your inventory and accept online bookings from your website and multiple channels, including travel trade partners, anywhere, 24/7
  • Add VALUE with extra products & services, including those of preferred business partners
  • Enable travellers to book their complete itinerary on your website 
  • Optimised eCommerce booking platform designed specifically for African travel and tourism businesses 
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Three Spheres. One Mission.

EasyOTA helps you to


Grow and compete using your own website. Offer VALUE, not low prices. Keep your customers. Be visible. Be relevant. Compete effectively. Is your Ecommerce website world class and designed to drive revenues?


Your Search, Select, Book and Payment processes need to be perfect and trustworthy to ensure no lost customers. EasyOTA offers expertly designed onsite processes to reduce lost customers. Our Booking platform maximises revenues and retains buyers. 


Recent disruptions to the travel industry globally have seen changes in the way consumers will book services. Negative experiences with Agents and OTAs as well as ‘Safety’ being a priority, makes it easier for individual businesses to compete for direct business. 

EasyOTA helps level the playing fields. Improving your website performance and providing customers with world class processes with which to search, select, book and pay. 

AND, when you’re ready take the next step: – meet customer needs with a basket of services. 

Your website visitors will be buying flights, hotels, car-hire, transfers and experiences. Now YOU can offer it all, you choose what you want your brand to offer. It’s seamless and makes sense.







Our Customers Speak for Us

The EasyOTA booking platform has been instrumental in transforming The Rock Restaurant’s reservation processes and makes it possible for our guests to not only book their table, but very importantly add on additional products such as transfers and pre-ordered specials. We save time, we have happier customers.

Nigel Firman

Co Owner, The Rock Restaurant

The safari industry has not been quick to make use of the power of the internet. We searched for a long time to find an online booking platform suitable for our safari villas in Tanzania. Using EasyOTA our administrative burden had decreased hugely, our trade partners can book 24/7 at their contract rates. Our most profitable bookings are now via our website. Our customers even build safari itineraries, adding flights, transfers, activities and partner camps on our website, and we earn more money.

Willem Kuipers

Owner, Kili Villa

The EasyOTA booking engine has dramatically improved our airline’s direct bookings, leading to revenue growth and saving the company on its commissions. Our website grows stronger all the time with the SEO support managed by the EasyOTA team, with growing visitations and increased conversions from search to check-out. 

Capt. Munawer Dhirani

Chief Executive Officer, Flightlink

As a market leader in activities, plus having volume based accommodation options in the Victoria Falls,  Zimbabwe region, Shearwater needed a modern platform enabling the booking of multiple service verticals (Experiences, Accommodation, Transfers) in single transactions against live availability. Our trade partners can make bookings 24/7, as are direct guests. A highlight is how the EasyOTA system enables multiple remote point of sale positions within the region as needed.

Mike Davis

Owner / CEO, Shearwater Adventures, Victoria Falls

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