DMC & Agent Platform

EasyOTA is a turnkey solution for travel agents and DMCs providing the tools you need to quote quickly and easily.

Create unlimited dynamic packages with live availability, pricing, and customisable hotel, experience and transport options. Place these on your website, offer them to your agents, or simply accelerate your internal sales consultants.

All packages have downloadable brochures as PDFs giving you the ability to turnaround quotes in minutes, not hours.


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Multi Product Itineraries

  • Diverse Options:
    • Accommodation Choices: Provide multiple hotel options to suit different budgets and preferences.
    • Experiences: Include a range of activities and experiences for each destination.
    • Transport: Offer various transport options to cater to different travel styles and needs.
  • Customizable Base Packages:
    • Flexible Inclusions: Choose which items to include in your base package price, giving you control over the core offerings.
    • Tailored Experiences: Create packages that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your clients.
  • Optional Extras:
    • Upgrades and Add-Ons: Supplement your packages with optional extras to enhance the travel experience.
    • Encouraging Upgrades: Motivate sales consultants and consumers to upgrade their rooms and choose additional activities, increasing overall satisfaction and revenue.

Dynamic FIT Packages

  • Full Itinerary Builder:
    • Unlimited Packages: Create an unlimited number of packages tailored to your clients’ needs, without any restrictions.
    • Detailed Customization: Design detailed itineraries with day-by-day breakdowns, ensuring every aspect of the trip is planned to perfection.
  • Live Availability & Pricing:
    • Real-Time Data: Access live availability and pricing information for all components of your packages, ensuring accuracy and preventing overbooking.
    • Dynamic Pricing: Benefit from real-time price adjustments based on market conditions and availability.
  • Customizable Options:
    • Personalization: Tailor packages with a wide array of options including hotels, experiences, and transport.
    • Flexible Inclusions: Decide which items to include in the base package cost and which to offer as optional extras.
    • Profit Margin Adjustment: Adjust your profit margins on each component to meet your business goals.
    • Park Fees Options: Include or exclude park fees as needed, providing clarity and flexibility in pricing.
  • Enhanced Control and Flexibility:
    • Optional Extras: Offer clients optional upgrades and add-ons to enhance their travel experience, such as room upgrades or additional activities.
    • Package Customization: Easily modify packages to cater to special requests or last-minute changes.
    • Cost Management: Maintain control over costs with the ability to include or exclude items from the base cost, providing transparency and flexibility.

Seat in Vehicle Packages

Accommodation Allocations Management:
    • Efficient Management: Handle accommodation allocations effectively.
    • Allocation Sharing: Share allocations between different packages seamlessly.
      Flexible Booking Options:
      • Limited Single Supplements: Manage single supplements with ease.
      • Inducement Departures: Offer inducement departures to attract more bookings.
      • Passenger Limits: Set minimum and maximum passenger limits to optimize vehicle capacity.
      • Stop Sell: Implement stop sell controls to manage inventory effectively.
      • On Request: Handle on-request bookings to accommodate special client needs.
        Easy Package Management:
        • One-Click Clone and Edit: Quickly clone and edit packages with a single click.
        • Bulk Availability Updates: Update availability in bulk to save time.
        • Day-by-Day Availability Updates: Manage availability on a daily basis for precise control.

These features ensure that travel agents and DMCs can create and manage seat-in-vehicle safari packages efficiently, catering to diverse client needs and maximizing booking potential.

Live Availability & Pricing

Real-Time Availability:
    • Instant Updates: Receive real-time updates on room availability across all connected properties.
    • Avoid Overbooking: Minimize the risk of overbooking with accurate and up-to-date information.
      Competitive Pricing:
      • Live Pricing: Access current pricing for all properties, ensuring that clients receive the best rates available.
      • Dynamic Adjustments: Benefit from dynamic pricing adjustments based on demand and availability.
        Seamless Booking Process:
        • Direct Bookings: Book accommodations directly through the EasyOTA platform, streamlining the reservation process.
        • Instant Confirmation: Receive immediate confirmation for bookings, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
          Diverse Accommodation Options:
          • Wide Range of Properties: Choose from a variety of properties, including luxury hotels, budget lodges, and boutique stays.
          • Customizable Packages: Tailor accommodation options to suit the specific needs and preferences of clients.
            Enhanced Customer Experience:
            • Comprehensive Choices: Offer clients a diverse selection of accommodations, improving their travel experience.
            • Flexibility and Convenience: Provide flexible booking options that cater to last-minute changes and special requests.

By integrating over 150 properties with live availability, pricing, and booking capabilities, EasyOTA empowers travel agents and DMCs to deliver exceptional service and value to their clients. This robust feature set ensures that every aspect of the accommodation booking process is efficient, accurate, and customer-focused.

PDF Brochures

Professional Presentation:
    • Customizable Design: Generate professional PDF itineraries that can be tailored to reflect your brand’s look and feel.
    • Clear Layout: Ensure all necessary details are presented in a clear and organized manner, making it easy for clients to understand the package.
      Booking Link Integration:
      • Direct Booking: Include a booking link within the PDF, allowing clients to book directly from the document.
      • Enable/Disable Option: Control whether the booking link is enabled or disabled, providing flexibility based on your preferences.
        Comprehensive Breakdown:
        • Detailed Information: Provide a full breakdown of what is included in the package, covering all aspects such as costings, accommodation details, experiences, and transport options.
        • Transparency: Offer transparency in pricing and inclusions, helping clients make informed decisions.
          Fast Generation Speed:
          • Quick Response: Generate PDF itineraries rapidly, enabling a quick turnaround time for responding to client inquiries.
          • Efficient Processing: Benefit from fast and efficient processing, reducing wait times and enhancing client satisfaction.
            Easy Sharing:
            • Quick Distribution: Easily share the generated PDF itineraries with clients via email or other digital platforms.
            • Print-Friendly: Produce print-friendly versions for clients who prefer physical copies.
              Enhanced Client Experience:
              • Professionalism: Impress clients with well-structured, professional itineraries that showcase your attention to detail and commitment to quality.
              • Convenience: Provide clients with all the information they need in one comprehensive document, enhancing their overall experience.

The PDF Generator feature ensures that travel agents and DMCs can create and deliver polished, informative itineraries quickly and efficiently. By incorporating direct booking links, detailed package breakdowns, and rapid generation speeds, this tool enhances the overall client experience and streamlines the booking process.

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