Direct Website Bookings

Install a booking widget on your website in minutes. Our white-label platform allows you to match your colours and styles. We offer plugins and deeplinks to target the exact products you wish to sell from any page on your website. 

All of our website booking platforms are tailored for the direct sale and offer Multi-Currency, Discounts, Deposits, Agent Logins and upsell of complimentary products required to complete the sale.

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Hotels, Lodges, Camps & Groups

Tailored Property Sales:
    • Custom Solutions: Offer personalized booking solutions to meet the unique needs of your camp or lodge group.
      Comprehensive Package Options:
      • Flight Integration: Include flights in your packages to offer a seamless travel experience.
      • Experience Add-Ons: Complement bookings with a variety of experiences to enhance the guest’s stay.
      • Park Fees Management: Easily incorporate park fees into the booking process.
      • Circuit Discounts: Provide circuit discounts to offer more value and attract bookings.

Our custom booking solutions enable camps and lodges to efficiently sell their properties and provide a complete travel package, ensuring an exceptional guest experience.


Quick and Easy Installation:
    • Booking Widget: Install our booking widget on your website quickly and effortlessly.
      Customizable Design:
      • White-Label Platform: Match your website’s colors and styles for a seamless look.
      • Flexible Integration: Use plugins and deeplinks to target and sell specific products from any page on your site.
        Enhanced Direct Sales:
        • Multi-Currency Support: Offer multiple currency options to cater to a global clientele.
        • Discounts and Deposits: Provide discounts and accept deposits to attract and secure bookings.
        • Agent Logins: Enable agents to manage bookings and access exclusive offers.
        • Upsell Opportunities: Promote and sell complementary products required to complete the sale, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Our website booking solution is tailored for direct sales, empowering small regional airlines to provide a customized, efficient, and comprehensive booking experience for their clients.

Experience Providers

Website Booking Module:
    • Custom Solutions: Tailor your safari product offerings to meet the unique needs of your customers through our customizable website booking module.
      Flexible Booking Options:
      • Provisional Bookings: Easily manage provisional bookings to secure client interest.
      • Waitlisting: Handle waitlisted clients efficiently to maximize booking potential.
      • Transfers: Simplify the process of transferring bookings between different dates or products.
        Agent Logins:
        • Agent Access: Provide your agents with secure logins to manage bookings and access exclusive offers, facilitating smooth operations and better sales management.

Our experience management software is designed to support the sale of your safari products across all channels, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking process for both providers and clients.

Car Hire

Diverse Service Offerings:
    • Car Hire: Provide clients with a variety of car rental options to suit their needs.
    • Chauffeur Services: Offer professional chauffeur-driven services for added convenience and luxury.
    • Transfers: Facilitate seamless transfers to enhance the travel experience.
    • Experiences: Include additional experiences to create comprehensive travel packages.
      Seamless Website Integration:
      • Easy Connection: Connect your website today to start selling all the products you offer.
      • Customizable Solutions: Tailor the booking process to reflect your brand and service offerings.

Our comprehensive booking solutions empower car hire providers to efficiently sell their services and create a seamless booking experience for their clients.

Website Bookings

Install a Booking Widget on your website in minutes

  • Hotels / Groups
  • Airlines
  • Experience Providers
  • Car Hire
  • DMC / Agents
  • Aggregators
General Features

Everything you need

  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Multi Currency
  • Discounts and Deposits
  • Automated Vouchers and Emails
  • Extras
  • Transfers
Safari Specialised

Built for the Safari Industry

  • Multi-Product Itineraries
  • Provisional and Waitlist Bookings
  • Circuit Discounts
  • Park Fees
  • Room Allocations
  • Agent Management