Built for the Safari Industry

Our system is meticulously designed for the safari industry, offering a suite of features that streamline operations and enhance the booking experience. With the ability to create Multi-Product Itineraries, you can offer a comprehensive travel experience, combining various accommodations, experiences, and transport options into one seamless package. Provisional and Waitlist Bookings allow you to manage client interest and ensure that no opportunity is missed, even during peak times. Circuit Discounts and integrated Park Fees simplify the pricing and booking process, making it easier for clients to understand costs and book their adventures.

Additionally, our system includes robust Room Allocations to efficiently manage and assign accommodations, ensuring optimal utilization and guest satisfaction. Agent Management features provide agents with the tools they need to handle bookings, access exclusive offers, and manage client relationships effectively. Together, these features create a powerful platform tailored specifically for the unique needs of the safari industry, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Multi Product Itineraries

  • Comprehensive Packages: Combine various accommodations, experiences, and transport options into one seamless itinerary.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor itineraries to meet specific client preferences and needs.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Provide clients with a complete and cohesive travel experience.

Provisional & Waitlist Bookings

  • Manage Client Interest: Secure interest with provisional bookings and efficiently handle waitlists during peak times.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Offer clients the ability to hold spots temporarily, ensuring they have time to finalize their plans.
  • Maximize Booking Potential: Ensure no opportunity is missed by managing waitlisted bookings effectively.

Circuit Discounts

  • Simplified Pricing: Offer circuit discounts to provide clients with more value and attract bookings.
  • Increased Sales: Encourage clients to book multiple experiences or accommodations within a circuit.
  • Competitive Edge: Use discounts to stay competitive in the market and appeal to price-sensitive customers.

Park Fees

  • Integrated Fees: Easily incorporate park fees into the booking process, ensuring transparency and convenience.
  • Accurate Costing: Provide clients with clear and accurate total costs, including all necessary fees.
  • Streamlined Payments: Simplify the payment process by including park fees directly in the booking.

Room Allocations

  • Efficient Management: Manage and assign room allocations to optimize availability and guest satisfaction.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep track of room statuses and availability in real-time.
  • Prevent Overbooking: Ensure accurate room assignments to avoid overbooking and improve operational efficiency.

Agent Management

  • Comprehensive Tools: Equip agents with the necessary tools to manage bookings and client relationships effectively.
  • Secure Logins: Provide agents with secure logins to access exclusive offers and manage their bookings.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor agent performance and identify areas for improvement with detailed reporting tools.
Website Bookings

Install a Booking Widget on your website in minutes

  • Hotels / Groups
  • Airlines
  • Experience Providers
  • Car Hire
  • DMC / Agents
  • Aggregators
General Features

Everything you need

  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Multi Currency
  • Discounts and Deposits
  • Automated Vouchers and Emails
  • Extras
  • Transfers
Agent Login

Full Agent Access

  • Agent Pricing Groups
  • Unlimited Agent Logins
  • Confirmed / Provisional Bookings
  • Pre / Post Pay Contracts
  • Show / Hide Rack or NET Pricing
  • Comprehensive Reporting